lunes, 20 de enero de 2014


                                                      I am very proud of my family.

The quick answer would be that "I have no idea."

I never thought I would have so many children, of course, I'm married in love and so still that I was bringing a baby every year.

I had the children God has given me and I have never avoided. I know how to avoid it naturally, as some people have told me that if I don't know what is a contraceptive method….Ufffffff…

I don't think there is a prototype of mother of Big Family, in my case, I loved my job, I was in a Multinational, as Headhunter  in Human Resources during 12 years, I love dining out, meet with friends, fix me, travel, all are things that many children are very difficult to combine..By now I've made ​​it!! but it is becoming more difficult ..

But I think you can find balance and worth the doing, I am currently waiting for my number 11 and  Sometimes I think I'm losing strength and that I can't but suddenly,  there comes a smile of my baby Teresa or a picture of my daughter Elena, or they are worries about how are you and how they can to help me…

This makes me think, that large families also have some advantages: 
  • They learn to share more easily , they are generous by nature.
  • They are more independent and autonomous.
  • They developed the spirit of service from small .

Each older brother is responsible for the babys. 
  • They have a high sense of tolerance , because they must learn to live with more people.
  • Are less whimsical , they know their parents can not concentrate only on them.
  • Are more sensitive to the needs and welfare of others , which are independent of his family or not.
  • They value family and care about each member.
  • They are proactive children , instead of lamenting deal in action.
  • Friendly relations between the brothers created.
  • They have a high degree of responsibility because they have run from small household chores and taking care of their siblings.
  • They are prone to mature faster , they must face challenges and difficulties since the early ages .
  • They are aware of the efforts made by their parents give them material goods and therefore tend to a lesser extent, misuse of resources ( money, energy , water, supplies, food , etc. . )
  • They are children who are always accompanied and grow in a home environment .
  • They have a high tolerance for frustration .
  • Due to economic conditions and other circumstances , these families tend to be close to God and strengthen each other spiritually.

We've only gone once to Luna Park and Taroonga Zoo still don't know, maybe one day,  no hurry.

All this is very nice and it's true, but what about the opinion of people who don't Know you and talks on the street, sometimes they don't understand, others are friendly, the most phrases common are:

Are They all yours? or Don't have TV at home ?,  Will be the last one?
Almost every day I hear them, or will have their hands full all day ...?

Normally feel Funny about this questions and  I answer with a smile, until you one day gets bad….

One day I was in ALDI (Economic Supermarket with good quality, but you have to get your stuff to 1000 per hour in the trolley, pay and leave the box… Running, Running ….) and I had six of my children, one was crying for her Dummy, another one threw chips and I kept everything, poking MY head to see if any of my children came of 9 and 10 years to save me..… and after spending the entire queue, sweating and looking …. with the face of disapproval..
Sometimes, stinks is that constantly being on the defensive means you're ready to pounce on the next person who dares to speak to you. I nearly bit the head off of a lovely woman who only meant to congratulate me. "How lucky you are!" she said, sharing with me her infertility challenges in the Whole Foods line, her only child buckled sweetly in a shopping cart cover that was fitted carefully in her cart. "It took me over four years just to have her!"

After we talked a while and thought, It's true. My hands are definitely full. And you know what? So is my heart.

But the real answer is: God said children are a blessing, and like everything he says, it is 100% true. I love these children, young and old, and cannot imagine life without them. Each day I feel blessed to be married to Manuel Pavia and to share these blessings with him. My children are wonderful, witty, intelligent, funny, and a delight.. Although not Always.. Yes for me!!!

See you Soon!!!

Xox Ele

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  1. I have read your post and it is wonderful. Congratulations about your big family, your children will be proud of their parents....


  2. Mejor imposible Elena. Como me alegra tenerte de referente.